Cutting edge control rooms
State of the art quality lab
Mold shop

High Speed Triple-Gob Wine Bottle Production

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Gallo Glass Facility

- Four oxygen fired furnaces
• ECO-Flint, Deadleaf, Antique Green, Champagne Green
• Five hundred thousand tons throughput annually
- 14 individual section forming machines • Servo electric control for precision bottle forming
• Flexible EOQ run lengths
- Rapid prototyping of molds

World Class Quality

- Certificate of Analysis (Bottle Performance Review)
- State of the art equipment to analyze bottles
- ISO 9001 Quality Certified in 2002
- ISO 14001 Environmental Certified in 2004
- ISO 22000 Food Safety Certified in 2012

Our People

- Dedicated, highly skilled employees provide intense customer focus
- Experts in the Glass industry ensure quality levels are high
- Our people embrace cutting edge tech to meet the challenges
  that come with manufacturing

Packaging Flexibility

- Robotic Case and Bulk Packaging
- Small Lots and Specialty Packs
- Creating competitive value for our customers